Appointment Study Adviser - Sjors van Ooij Taalwetenschap, Midden-Oostenstudies, Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur, Minorities & Multilingualism (back-up for Communication and Information Studies and Informatiekunde)

Choose a day and a timeslot yourself.

Location: room 13.12.0410

For CIS, NTC, IK and M&M: If there aren’t any suitable timeslots left, you could try to make an
appointment with one of my colleagues:

Aletta Westra for CIS, IK, NTC and M&M (
Hester Noord for CIS and IK (
Albert Everaarts for NTC and M&M (

Just need a quick appointment? You can drop by every Monday between 3 - 4 pm and Thursday between 10 - 11 am during the walk-in consultation hour.

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